South African Journal of Psychology: Special section: Africa’s vulnerabilities, challenges and responses to pandemics like COVID-19

COVID-19 Call for Papers (PDF)

South African Journal of Psychology: Special section: Africa’s vulnerabilities, challenges and responses to pandemics like COVID-19

During the late 2019 when nations around the globe looked on at the COVID-19 outbreak in China, much of the world felt quite removed and even safe from the virus, believing that it will not affect them. However, within a few months all of that changed, the confidence and impermeability of the west and other nations were quickly shown up. The world’s vulnerability was exposed and it soon became clear that nobody was immune, no nation was too powerful, and no wall could be built to escape the deadly virus.

The COVID-19 pandemic raised serious alarms regarding the world’s preparedness to deal with such pandemics. Concerns about poorer countries and their ability to adequately respond to such biohazards are significant. The African continent, with its history of slavery, colonialism and exploited resources, makes it extremely vulnerable to threats of this nature. Although not entirely new to Africa, viral epidemics have affected the continent in recent years with Ebola and HIV among them, albeit with different modes of transmission. There is also concern about the extent that climate change, which is largely human-induced, is putting more countries, especially in Africa, at risk for the transmission of climate-sensitive infectious diseases. This is a sad irony, considering that Africa contributes minimally to global climate change but is likely to be hardest hit by its effects.

While the COVID-19 virus is a biological threat, the psychological ramifications are multi-fold. These range from the various behaviour change requirements to prevent the spread of the disease to the mental health effects of isolation, as well as the related fear and anxiety that is generated, and what the post-COVID-19 era will look like.

The South African Journal of Psychology is planning a Special Section on the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly its impact on Africa, as well as the continent’s response to the disease given its vulnerabilities and multiple challenges. Review articles and data-driven manuscripts are welcome. These may address the various psychological issues involved, as well as Psychology’s role in responding to such pandemics.

Manuscripts must conform to the Journal’s formatting and style requirements and should be no more than 5500 words in length, including references, tables, etc. The manuscript preparation guide and online submission process can be accessed on the Journals website at: not conforming to the Journal’s formatting requirements will be returned without review.

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